The first impression can be made only once,
make it the best!

Window is the only tool that promotes the store exactly at the point of sale. The shop window encourages to enter “here and now”, its influence is not postponed. Research shows that an attractive exhibition converts into around 25% of total sales – it is worth of effort.

Goals of the store window

Increase the number of visitors, promote the point of sale, increase sales.

The design process

  • Analysis

    We analyze target group, the collection, current trends and window location. We discuss the basic design assumptions. It is also a good time to determine the intervals of window’s changes and to set the VM calendar.

    At this stage, the client should provide information about the collection that the window will be dedicated to. If available: advertising slogan, marketing plan, photo session.

  • Window concept

    Moodboards, conceptual sketches, proposed color palettes are used to visualize the idea of the window. 3 different concepts will be presented to choose from.

  • The executive design of the window

    A detailed design is developed for the chosen concept. The project includes assembly drawings, proposed materials for construction, mannequins dressing. It contains the exact installation instructions.

    In case of chain stores: windows of various construction and size must be considered. The project describes alternative solutions.

  • Window prototyping

    It is recommended to prototype the window to conduct a design test, to check and make any corrections.

    Prototyping methods:

    • implementation in the 1:1 scale (in case of chain stores)
    • scale model
    • 3d model – visualization
  • Window execution

    It’s time to put the project into brick and mortar environment.

    The role of the visual merchandiser is to supervise the implemented project, stylize mannequins, appropriate arrangement of products, setting the light.

    In the case of a chain of stores: a model display is installed in a selected location assisted by VM. Windows in other locations are implemented, based on this first reference.

  • Measuring the display effectiveness

    The effort made is worth measuring.

    It is highly recommended to count entries a week before and after installing the window. It is good evidence of how the display is working.


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