A feast of summer colors

projektowanie witryn

Client: Polscy projektanci

Location: Zakopane, Centrum Handlowe Krupówki 40


Goal of the wall: the most instagramable 9 sq. m in Zakopane!

This project has a special place in my heart for several reasons.

First of all: it supports amazing store with local items made by polish designers. The owners – Marcin and Wiola – are great couple and warmly welcome every customer.

Second: it was great pleasure to provide esthetic value on the grounds of Zakopane.

And last but not least: the installation is made of #lesswaste elements. The tissue paper is very thin and light, easy to recycle. Parallelly it gave us impressive volume.

projektowanie witryn

In details we trust

This texture and colors are so bold <3

Final touches!

Oh, how instagramable is that?

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