Watching fashion shows, it is common to have the impression, that we look into a kaleidoscope. To correctly read fashion, knowledge of the brand/designer DNA is a key. Thanks to this, it is understandable, which of the seasonal trends are filtered and adopted into collection. To make a good analyse, decompose images into prime factors, consider the form and content.

We know autumn pallete already (if not, have a look at our color guide) so it is high time to make zoom in fabrics.

Historical, little theatrical, VELVET is back in grand style. Mostly used in deep colours, navy blue, bordeaux, graphite. Good loooking both in minimalistic look and juxtaposed with laces, frills, glamorous jewelry.

FUR is all over dressing room. Appears as a details like pockets, sleeves or extra-volumetric as vests, coats. Yeti total look? Not a problem, this season designers prepared also furry moccasin and  boots.

In opposite to matte velvet comes out sexy and rock HIGH-GLOSS LEATHER. Used for 80s-like coats, second skin dresses, mini skirts and box-tops.

In the rhythm of disco return fabrics with METALLIC SHINE. Sequins are also welcomed to this party. Like a 70s disco ball shines fitted dresses  and jackets.

Velvet touch
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Velvet touch
Furry stories
Metallic shine


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