A feast of summer colors

Client: Polscy projektanci

Location: Zakopane, Centrum Handlowe Krupówki 40


Goal of the wall: the most instagramable 9 sq. m in Zakopane!

This project has a special place in my heart for several reasons.

First of all: it supports amazing store with local items made by polish designers. The owners – Marcin and Wiola – are great couple and warmly welcome every customer.

Second: it was great pleasure to provide esthetic value on the grounds of Zakopane.

And last but not least: the installation is made of #lesswaste elements. The tissue paper is very thin and light, easy to recycle. Parallelly it gave us impressive volume.

In details we trust

This texture and colors are so bold <3

Final touches!

Oh, how instagramable is that?